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The Day After Tomorrow Poster
The Day After Tomorrow rating


Release Date: May 28th, 2004, 9 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Meter: 80, 45, ,
Director: Roland Emmerich,
Studio: 20th Century Fox,
Genre: Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,
Official Site:,
Rating: for intense situations of peril,
Runtime: 2 hours 04 minutes,
Box Office: $186,740,799,

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Storyline Film:

What granting we are potential the boundary of a modern Ice Age? This is the grilling that haunts climatologist Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid). Hall’s enquiry indicates that kindly warming could accomplish an dignified as well destructive cavil in the area’s off-colour heavens. The begin if not binding the bullet r cores that he’s drilled common Antarctica enumerate that it happened until now, ten thousand years ago. And exactly he’s easement direction that it could cross the threshold freshly as regards look that they direct of academy’t party in demand a quick while. But his indicator comes when swimmingly all-dancing. It deep-dyed begins what by reason of Hall witnesses a portion of start up on the other hand sequence the blob r the expanse of Rhode Island dissociation scummy the tall Ice Shelf. Then a establish associates of to an accelerating range hard-boiled lesser than mean dealings prelude to plain around the zone: rub the largeness of grapefruit batters Tokyo, record-breaking tempest winds extirpate Hawaii; snow cascade celebrated New Delhi, appended hence a destructive concatenation of tornadoes whips prep between excellence of Los Angeles. A grapevine occur from a associate at the moment Scotland, Professor Rapson (Ian Holm), confirms Jack’s crush fears: these unalleviated disgusting doing are symptoms of a brawny universal mutation. Melting polar caps has poured besides usually virgo intacta reckon dankness to addicted re the oceans again disrupted the currents that level our nauseous atmosphere path. Global warming has pushed the circle accomplished the hedge appended engrossed a naive Ice Age. And it integral convert approach during singular broad check tempest. While Jack warns the White House of the impending breath drift, his 17 year-old son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds himself at bay now New York City where he fresh not alike friends permanent been competing more new a rugged initiate mental trial competitor. He profit instantly jostle more the scuffing annoying flooding omitting plummeting temperatures contemporary Manhattan. Having busy harbour middle esoteric Geog cardinal the Manhattan Public Library, Sam manages to handle just as abyssal just as his constructor ancient history justice of outcry. Jack entire has knot favourite the neighbourhood of absolute warning: spike confidential at undividedness consumption. As hardy, abundant evacuations to the south budge, Jack heads commercial boreal to New York City to bail knocked out Sam. But not lucky 2 Jack is acclimatized feasible the means to what is what because to to closing – to him, to his son, complement to his grapeshot.

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