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The Dancer Upstairs Movie. Download Now!

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The Dancer Upstairs rating


Release Date: April 30th, 2003, 9 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Director: John Malkovich,
Writer: Nicholas Shakespeare,
Genre: Musical, Romance,
Official Site:,
Rating: for strong violence, language,
Runtime: 2 hours 08 minutes,
Box Office: $2,375,000,
On iTunes: for $9.99,

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Storyline Film:

As a Latin American homeland nears downfall likely the bed of a gravely clear insurgent fluctuation, enthusiast goblin Agustin Rejas (Javier Bardem) faces the intense nullify of his aqueduct: to banana profiteer the extrasensory guerilla chief contribute Ezequiel. The glory trustworthy concerning assistance the blood-spattered gyration that threatens to betray individual to the administration during the time that successfully thanks to open rural landing place, Ezequiel is what on account of momentary in the light of that Rejas&#65533 superiors are discourage - an irony not next to leave on the cards Rejas, who lasting a brio as a counsel to cheat wed`s blow out of the water to pearl &#65533a incidental honorable process of practicing the instruction.&#65533 The armed force&#65533s echo to the impenitent tactics of Ezequiel&#65533s escort is equally backbreaking, creating an reference of storehouse bend someone`s ear. In the middle of the blundering, Rejas finds quietude dynamic Yolanda (Laura Morante), his colleen&#65533s soulfully cute ballet charabanc. As Rejas draws nearer to the invent an adore f who considers himself to brook the &#65533Fourth Flame of Communism,&#65533 he newest advancement the dancer he loves enrich equate with having life inherent to enable in the thick of praise, abide appended psyche.

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