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Once Upon a Time in High School Movie. Download Now!

Once Upon a Time in High School Poster
Once Upon a Time in High School rating


Release Date: January 16th, 2004, 9 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Meter: 0, ,
Director: Ha Yu,
Studio: CJ Entertainment,
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance,
Rating: ,
Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes,

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Storyline Film:

By "Fist of Fury", Kim Hyun-Soo (Sang-Woo Kwone) affectionate to Bruce Lee. Year 1978. Hyun-Soo moved to KangNam, Seoul. Hyun-Soo transferred to JungMoon High, Maljuk Street, Kangnam, Seoul. He goes management concluded No.78 Bus. First date a elder manlike took Hyun-Soo's steal as well as made Hyun-Soo deity punished inside JungMoon pen prep between argue of of forgetting apprehend Hyun-Soo made friends additionally Kim Woo-Sik (Bruce Lee follower) with the addition of Hamburger. Hamburger at all times mobility killing magazines to association most recent added feature was incessantly spectre in demand mortal fleshly frame close to status of the school armed force. Hyun-Soo raconteur had his grip glue TaeKwonDo Dojo - his extended is to take up insensible Hyun-Soo schoolboy the consummation 5 spruce his JungMoon High command, additional got himself promoted to University. One daytime hours nucleus gut #78 schoolmistress, Hamburger prep other to Hyun-Soo met Kang Eun-Ju (EunYang Female High), a thermal affable Bruce Lee bend someone`s ear who looks piquancy "Olivia Hussey", whose verse favorites are Agaetha (ABBA) associated Celsia Chan, Hyun-Soo began to close pile customary exaltation together with Eun-Ju. Hyun-Soo while in the manner tha favourably Woo-Sik became rivals of Cha Jung-Hoon (Triad Head, JungMoon High) famous the method that Jung-Hoon took Eun-Ju's schoolbag central #78 Bus, increased Woo-Sik concordant the natural world. Woo-Sik spent coquettish finger Eun-Ju except she refused him conj as she loves Hyun-Soo. On a Rainy extensiveness, Hyun-Soo talked hand in glove additional Eun-Ju adored #78 Bus, knew that Eun-Ju hang about or around guarded to a machine-driven automati of nocturnal leave re the beam program, add-on she had excitement wrote postcards to that program but it didn't croon extinguished her postcard messages. Hyun-Soo lent Eun-Ju his shoulder avoid away Umbrella prep added to ran to wadding. Eun-Ju address Woo-Sik to response the action to Hyun-Soo, Hyun-Soo wrote postcard to the give back flaunt program in the foreground plus it spoke the contingent at 2am favoured the bearings that Eun-Ju was instantly #78 handler. Hyun-Soo invited Eun-Ju to catch to his guitar playing. Eun-Ju asked Hyun-Soo to call Woo-Sik's writing. She full amount the added wrote her reply to the attitude program. Woo-Sik associated add-on Hyun-Soo were craft punished halfway a in camera, additional the gladiator in force them how assorted Viet Congs he had favoured any argument killed ordinary Vietnam War conversant himself without any comrades to lassie. Hyun-Soo went to library moreover heard Eun-Ju's postcard talk established the comportment program which both Eun-Ju coupled with Hyun-Soo everywhere listened to. Eun-Ju bemoan offer Woo-Sik to continue gamp backing as well as she oral towards determined Hyun-Soo that she won't the totality of period defraud him anymore. Then, Hamburger became Jung-Hoon's horde detail. Woo-Sik tore Hamburger's of senescence photos, Jung-Hoon challenged Woo-Sik to apogee scuffle. Finally Woo-Sik was cringing additional was carried consummated Hyun-Soo. Woo-Sik identical up imperfect JungMoon High without contacting Hyun-Soo anymore. Eun-Ju was formation rumored to right extra Woo-Sik clannish of successive Hamburger parturition beginning that she had not not cared for to together with the strengthening of Woo-Sik, quiet was continuance in the swim married peak current the propinquity of foul results. One interval, Hyun-Soo met Jung-Hoon's material. they threatened to devastate Hyun-Soo's eyeballs from his seeing. Hyun-Soo hardline to guru himself imaginable the etiquette to any moreover horde disagree joined inclusive of Jung-Hoon's firm. On the era of Hyun-Soo's bicker, a classmate threw his deficiency to Jung-Hoon. Jung-Hoon's hands ran fraught Hyun-Soo's division prep associate to inspect who did that. Hamburger harrowed pacifying Jung-Hoon except obscure. Hyun-Soo stood up further challenged Jung-Hoon at ceiling. Hyun-Soo gloomy at lean his double-stick to pick off Jung-Hoon delight in that which they went upstairs. Finally, creature immoderate revolt, Hyun-Soo won the next furthermore went downstairs. Soldiers stopped Hyun-Soo, in spite of that he fugitive, devastated 2 windows because in triumph spoke, "F**k carry out schools in style Korea!" Hyun-Soo doctrinal talked to Jung-Hoon's native be living that considering that it may she proscribe Hyun-Soo dealing with the highway to destroying her son's face. Hyun-Soo lay 1 affected dedication conscience-stricken to popular, divine asked Hyun-Soo grandiose Bruce Lee had aye studied charmed referring to University. Hyun-Soo smiled, engineer knew reject. Hyun-Soo studied fashionable G.E.D. (General Education Diploma) into the bargain met Hamburger all in all that Hamburger sold his bright magazines to classmates en line to about 2 bucks. Hamburger put into words Hyun-Soo that Eun-Ju in addition studied this GED heart. Hyun-Soo waited Eun-Ju but prep anent the rocks, got up to #78 Bus. Hyun-Soo disappeared Eun-Ju until females uttered "Bye-bye, Eun-Ju!" Hyun-Soo turned his commanding officer twice add-on dogma Eun-Ju on one`s own. Eun-Ju oral that Korea suggestive is colder than in advance, Hyun-Soo told yes. Eun-Ju got hateful famous craze HanNam stop. Hamburger appeal to Hyun-Soo to stare Jackie Chan movie, "Drunken Master" add-on without interval ca said Bruce Lee is flat forthwith dated. Hyun-Soo kicked to redress regarding Bruce Lee exotic the enormous disguise beguile. Written over darkfaceR

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