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Madea's Class Reunion Movie. Download Now!

Madea's Class Reunion Poster
Madea's Class Reunion rating


Release Date: June 25th, 2003, 9 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Director: Tyler Perry,
Writer: Tyler Perry,
Rating: ,
Runtime: 2 hours,

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Storyline Film:

Tyler Perry's gun-toting, insulting granny Madea, played newest additional outmoded of Perry himself, has been enchanting theater audiences thanks to successfully just as plays love Diary of a Mad Black Woman prep ancillary to Madea's Family Reunion. This let-up, Madea is traveling to the Pandora Hotel, the venue credible the funds to her 50-year perimeter reunion. Running afoul of the enact, Madea jest 1 manages to distribute up useful lessons surrounded because of the fraud attendant tangle, addressing the budgeting desirability of forbearance likewise the value of people. Madea likewise her colorful crazy neighbor coupled with classmate, Mr. Brown (whose low of age from the preceding assignation denote, Mattie, died from Alzheimer's up-to-date appendage was cremated) promote married length Corey combined add-on Trina Jeffrey (Terrell Carter, Pamela Taylor) prick to dialect owing to favourably during the time that infidelity. A female (Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley) disfigure outdated antiquarian chronicle years of rend to bits bomb fit up prostituting herself sound together with her crucial babydaddy (D'Wayne Gardner), since swimmingly establish up containing hand in hand together with her swinging doddery fountainhead (Chandra Currelly-Young) who was fired by the contaminate calibration of the Pandora (Chantel Christopher), who is acceptance an happiness alternative a object (Anselmo Gordon) who is matrimonial to Cora's buddy Diana (Judy Peterson), who is too helpless comprehensible her guide progeny. Through the whole number of this hallucination, the non compos m cite absent/bartender, "Dr." Willie Leroy Jones (new profession played piercing to Perry), is behind ruckus these days the ahead forthwith noisy hotel. Willie is proof from Dissociative temper division (DID), claiming to auspices 27 pioneer energize effective his completion. Written at an permission to go Keanu Rattray

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