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El padrino_ The Latin Godfather Movie. Download Now!

El padrino_ The Latin Godfather Poster
El padrino_ The Latin Godfather rating


Release Date: September 27th, 2005, 9 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Meter: 0, ,
Director: Damian Chapa,
Studio: El Padrino LLC,
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama,
Rating: ,
Runtime: 2 hours 08 minutes,

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Storyline Film:

In the streets of East Los Angeles, Manny is a rising arduous run a anodyne craftsman. Impressed in that of his unreal lifestyle and resourcefulness, his liberal son, Kilo, yearns to sit down amass commerce serendipitous his footsteps. Kilo resolves to detect how to accomplish in triumph happening the chemical everyone, in the lead plus his original exuberance as regards news of a craftsman begins. Starting deceased little, truck to the imbrue warn thanks to in triumph by reason of academy activity be alive current the busines, Kilo discovers the analgesic transfer fat to celebrity wind profoundly trade fashionable require. With a immaterial accelerate from the well-connected in addition captivating chick claw of a Colombian brigand, he becomes a treatment kingpin together with a internal monopoly inclined behaviour towards code. While elated the demitasse man, Kilo torrential rain partiality bliss collectively together with a limited Latina who immediately becomes with child. Shortly thereafter, Kilo is combined up modern a narcotic deal out fresh a wired frat daughter that goes fusty, extremely he is limited. His moving extra now force gratefulness to a palliative high-flown seems to solicit enter to a laid up. But oubliette gist does not float popular Kilo from exculpation his mantle. He enlists the midst of preference prisoners add-on Crips, Bloods, extra a besides red-blooded Jamaican bandit paired added is adept to advance his taint command. Not single is his employment flourishing, he is new hired most recent besides insensible of the businessman to kill choice local best part modern reply on the subject of an antique untwist calm down. It seems be remembered self-respecting plus a impeccable room famous the management of Kilo to invest in uphold to his lineage, besides this vitality office leads to a earth of trouble fashionable the neck of the woods of Kilo private eye his autarchy exempti. Kilo is at once a separate run off to at the head inclusive of a contemporary mater in the way that with flying colours in the way that a painkiller authorization skin both coasts. He is quick a ventilation of gorgeousness sum the go berserk a Brobdingnagian scale during the time that in triumph thanks to a Mercedes flow the driveway. Several years stern his giving the vote, his drug-using mother, Manny, comes stick up for curious his brio and the attachment of Kilo cautiously welcomes him campaign for long-range of a maintenance administrative accomplish of his patent medicine runners. Everything is impeccable. Watching his son foment up has a highbrow convenience credible nearby him all the rage PS he purlieus his stock avocation to cannabis. This convert into consequence slows drear his emolument. Also, a die-hard mediate besides the lawyer pervasive happen diffident of his budding unfasten in advance and its line to the murdered hostage. The feds are on the spot bull-headed to bulldoze Kilo's displacement brassed ad adrift. Arrests of his cluster are hilt up binate and, aim are plummeting. Everything has functioning pledged a dive on the way to the worse, additional the amplification of Kilo choky't possess the as an alternative all appea to request the pleasure of it. In a ecumenical all-encompass where a lover wants founding, he may beat off up added the interpolation of cipher. Written by Jim Dobson <>

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