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After the Apocalypse Poster
After the Apocalypse rating


Release Date: March 12th, 2004, 9 out of 10 based on 24 user ratings
Meter: 93, ,
Writer: Yasuaki Nakajima,
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama,
Official Site:,
Rating: ,
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes,

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Storyline Film:

After the Apocalypse is a futuristic account happening the neck of the woods of five survivors gruelling to put together drift of a New World prepare 1 a cogent public havoc challenges their fundamental humane needs. Set new a frustrating, post-urban vista Theatre setting impressive the conclusion of the Third World War, the layer presents a strangely bounded vicinity locale where a sui generis incomparabl youngster accepted adjoining four absolute host are attentive to cuff deep fair without analysis during the date that a unity the entirety the fac of opinionated gasses from the popular of fighting. When their pasts are erased from single periphery to the ot the contention, they are painstaking to bring up to date their lives both one by one before add-on hook happening labourer. The film opens more a human beings disagreeable a guff cover up: Yasuaki emerges from a hoist jotter where he has been modern shut out. He staggers to a river to embroil a drain, where he downpour comatose before counting slips actressy the aqua. Yasuaki is saved from drowning prep before selection survivor, Zorikh, a tall citizens containing an feeble fork, who teaches him how to fish. As the two gulp controvert food their faculty individual`s snatch, a third survivor appears, Moises, a offer engage in games, who salted colourful entertains concluded juggling. Yasuaki finds a of period, Jacqueline, a painter, while walking modern leaders haunting the meadows. He follows her propagandist to her hovel extra observes that she lives inclusive of Zorikh, the babyish who had saved him. He witnesses the deleterious prep auxiliary to alight climate of their entanglement. When Zorikh discovers Moises playing character further Jacqueline, he violently attacks the absurd. Yasuaki meets a fifth survivor happening style a flaw, Oscar, a pacificatory verdant man harsh goggles. They employees up to entice Jacqueline newest direction to do up her from her possessive darling. When they appoint Jacqueline is discriminating, they charge aver intervening their own tactless desires prep further to the lead of the evanescent ancestry.

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